Internationales Doktorand:innenkolleg


International Doctorate Program "Rethinking Environment"


IDK Group Photo

In German, Um(Welt)Denken is a wordplay combining the term “environment” (Umwelt) with the verb “rethinking” (umdenken). The project’s name comes from the need to rethink human relationships with the world we, as a species, inhabit.  A partnership between Augsburg University and the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, the international doctorate program (Internationales Doktorand:innenkolleg – IDK) Rethinking Environment brings together young scholars and experienced experts from various fields to explore new ways of approaching the ecological transformation of society. If you want to find out how we hope to contribute to solving the environmental challenges of our planet, browse through this website to learn more about us. Curious about our most recent activities? Be sure to check out our events and magazine sections!