The Endeavour

The “Off the Menu” Research Group comprises three meticulously crafted research projects to delve into the interplay between seafood consumption and production against the backdrop of the pressing environmental crisis. At its core, the team aims to unravel the complexities of the relationship between eating and ecology and to illuminate pathways towards culinary sustainability.

Part of the project are two doctoral works studies by Philine Schiller and Penelope Volinia and a post-doctoral study by L. Sasha Gora.

Eating the Spikes: Sea urchin invasivorism and climate-conscious cuisine

Eating invasive species has many potential benefits, from raising awareness and assisting in early detection and rapid response efforts to boosting the local economy. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to explore ways of eating that are conscious of ecosystems and climate change.

by Penelope Volinia

Preserved In Print: American Food Writing, Shifting Foodways and the Oyster Under the Surface

Food is frequently preserved in print. It follows that recipes reflect not only preparation methods but also culinary shifts in ecological sensibilities. Can they also contribute to future eating practices?

by Philine Schiller