1. Transforming Disciplines

Our doctorate program Rethinking Environment provides a space for meaningful intellectual conversations across a broad range of disciplines from the humanities and social sciences ­– and a few of our advisors and Ph.D. students have their academic roots in the natural sciences. Ambitious and complex, this interdisciplinary network moves well beyond Academia and seeks close relations to NGOs, practitioners, business companies, museums, and public institutions. It is only by interacting fruitfully with the non-academic world that Rethinking Environment can be inspirational and contribute to a more sustainable, common future.

2. Transforming Science

In many societies and nations world-wide, there is a new consensus that, in order to avoid further ecological degradation and disaster, societies must undergo large-scale socio-ecological transformation processes. But what does “transformation” really mean, in this context? Rethinking Environment is not only about transforming disciplines but also aims at re-thinking established discourses of transformation, most of which have a strong grounding in the natural sciences.

The picture shows our doctorate students saving a bird that flew against a window.

3. Transforming Practice

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