Wednesday - Friday

March 30 - April 1 2022

In late March, the ENB-funded International Doctoral Program Um(Welt)Denken had its first Colloquium at the LMU Munich and the University of Augsburg, attended by PhD students, advisors, speakers, and coordinators. Read more about the event in our magazine.

The IDK Colloquium offers a genuine opportunity to present and discuss each individual project with a large and interdisciplinary audience of like-minded scholars. The supervisors are also on site to support and inspire the Ph.D. students with their questions, ideas and suggestions. 

The aim of the IDK Colloquium is to discuss one’s thoughts and ideas in an academic environment and practice scholarly conversations across disciplines. It is an ideal training ground for practicing how to talk about one’s topic in a way that is short and concise but also for learning how to make one’s topic accessible and comprehensible for a multidisciplinary audience.


PhD Student Danielle Schmitz presenting at IDK 2022 Colloquium