Review: Green Hour: “Old Salt and Fresh Fish: Introducing the Culinary Environmental Humanities” (PhD L. Sasha Gora)

L. Sasha Gora, a cultural historian and writer, has been a captivating force in the “Green Hour.” Her research on Indigenous restaurants in Canada, leading to the upcoming book “Culinary Claims,” earned her the 2021 Bavarian American Academy Dissertation Award. As the leader of the “Off the Menu” research group at the University of Augsburg, she explores culinary environmental humanities.
Gora’s engaging writing, featured in outlets like Gastronomica and VICE, covers topics from wild game politics to feminism and potato chips. A sought-after speaker, she has presented at renowned institutions worldwide. Gora is not only shaping discourse but also actively contributing to the academic community, serving on the boards of the Association for the Study of Food And Society and the Editorial Collective of Canadian Food Studies. With humor and insight, L. Sasha Gora continues to make waves in the intersection of food, culture, and the environment.