Review: Green Hour: “Urbane Transformationen: Stadtplanung im Klimawandel” (Prof. Dr. Stefan LindL)

Historian Prof. Dr. Stefan Lindl’s presentation centered on possible measures that cities can introduce to mitigate the impacts of climate change on quality of life while fostering a sense of historical value and authenticity. Focusing on urban planning, Lindl underscored the increasing adaptation of Integrated Urban Development and Climate Resilience concepts by municipal authorities over the past decade. Focusing on the city of Augsburg, he proposed an “Aesthetics of Narrative Possibility” as a climate adaptation concept, evolving around the creation and enhancement of performative urban spaces. In his adaptation of the Authentic City framework, he relied on the historical city map of Augsburg and suggested that formerly built areas in Maxstraße are transformed into green oases. This seemingly simple concept is just one example of how climate mitigation in urban spaces can be aesthetically pleasing while being economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.