The university as a sustainable company – a round table talk

Prof. Dr. Reinhild Kreis, who used to work at the University of Augsburg as a young scholar, is now Professor of History at the University of Siegen.

In the run-up to her guest lecture “Die Universität als nachhaltiges Unternehmen – historische Perspektive und aktuelle Entwicklung” Reinhild Kreis met for an informal meeting with human geographer PD Dr. Simon Meißner, environmental historian Prof. Dr. Simone Müller, and a group of students from various disciplines, to discuss how sustainability goals have been implemented at German universities so far, and what must be done to further improve their sustainability performance. Particular emphasis was placed on the relationship between the ecological and social dimension of sustainability and on how officially defined goals, e.g. for the state of Bavaria, might impact the performance of individual universities.