Marita Krauss

Environmental History
Augsburg University

I work on topics such as migration, remigration or hybridity. In addition I study regional elites in management and administration. My special interest lies in the history of National Socialism in both urban and rural communities, in Jewish lives, and in the culture of remembrance. This is the focus of my current project on the village of Feldafing in the period 1920 to 1950, a project which includes researching what was a large postwar Displaced Persons camp for Jewish people. I have also written several biographies, most recently on the dancer Lola Montez, and am working on a biography of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. My most recent publication (2021, edited together with Stefan Lindl) compares the landscape, environment and identity of Bavarian Swabia and eastern Europe. It is largely student research based in Environmental Humanities.