Simone Müller

Environmental History
Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich

Currently, I am primarily focusing on three research projects. First of all, I am revising my Habilitation ‘Hazardous Travels. A Ship’s Tale of U.S. Waste and the Global Environment’ as a book manuscript for publication (Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books at Washington UP) as part of a larger research project on the global waste economy since the 1970s. I am also active in a collaborative platform ‘Toxic Commons’ in which researchers and artists try to make sense of living on a permanently polluted yet highly unequal planet. Part of this is a joint book-project with Human Geographer and Anthropologist Angeliki Balayannis (Exeter) on Toxic Commons as a research concept. Last not least I am exploring a new research global environmental history topic on ‘Urban Skin. Road Corridors and an Environmental History from Above and Below’, proposing a vertical turn in how we look at environments in their intersection of parts above and below ground.