Uwe Voigt

Analytic Philosophy
Augsburg University
The Environmental Humanities are a testing ground for the thesis that the environmental is mental and vice-versa.

I am interested in subjectivity as seen by panpsychism and New Phenomenology. According to these approaches, subjects are based on atmospheric relations. I closely align this concept with a look at the inside of the Anthropocene, which goes along with exploring the philosophical implications of the Environmental Humanities.

I wonder what it is like to live inside the Anthropocene

Personal research interests

Subjectivity in the Perspective of Panpsychism

I am working on the logic and phenomenology of subjectivity in the perspective of panpsychism, i.e., on what it is like to be a macro subject and a micro subject.

Cooperation with Environmental Sciences and Environmental Humanities

Understanding the relation between subjects as atmospheric – and hence as ecological –, and at the same time as culturally mediated, my work continues to develop in cooperation with environmental scientists and, so to speak, environmental humanists.

Natural and Artificial Intelligence in the Anthropocene

With these interests, I participate in the emerging interdisciplinary research project “Natural and Artificial Intelligence in the Anthropocene.”

Hyper subjectivity and logical narcissism

Related topics I am about to explore are the Anthropocene as an age of hyper subjectivity and logical narcissism.