Climate as a Protagonist in War – Narrative Patterns and Aesthetics of Climate Agonalities within Geopolitical Conflict

Climate is always a protagonist in war.

Climate and conflict are inseparable. Hence, there is an urgent need for discourse on future geopolitical conflicts in relation to climate change. However, to comprehend the exact challenges, it is important to understand the complex interrelations of climate in conflict. I will research three facets of this relationship through historical and contemporary cases: 1) How climate shifts evoke war; 2) Climate as a protagonist in war; and 3) War as a cause of climate/environmental change. In sum, climate into, inside, and out of war.

I work on the intersection of art, design, and scientific research. There, I uncover how artistic research can complement scientific structures. Rather than zooming in on a particular topic, art and design methods have the benefit of building a heterogenous playing field by navigating through scales and interconnections. A zooming in on zooming out.

Jasmijn Visser is a Ph.D. student at the Rachel Carson Center, LMU Munich. Contact: Website: