Workshop: “Values in Climate and Environmental Sciences”

On Saturday 10 February, 2024, representatives from the IDK in collaboration with the Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) organised small workshop on “Values in Climate and Environmental Sciences“. The workshop was designed to bring together scholars from the environmental humanities and philosophers, facilitating an opportunity for exchange between the MCMP and the Rachel Carson Center just a few hundred metres down the road. Presentations touched on various topics, spanning philosophical, historical, and anthropological approaches to questions surrounding the theme of values in environment and nature and the way we study them. Discussions were stimulating and at times heated, evidencing the value in bringing scholars with diverse backgrounds together to address topics of common interests. 


We thank Dr Alice Murphy of the MCMP for her efforts in putting together the workshop, and we look forward to future collaborations with the MCMP.

– Written by Floris Winckel