Green Hour: “Towards the Wetland Humanities” (Dr. Paolo Gruppuso)


May 11
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

After the successful start of the “Green Hour”, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Paolo Gruppuso with his input “Towards the Wetland Humanities” on 11.05.2023.

“Modern land reclamation projects express a principle of authority, which is epitomised by the disciplining and authoritarian apparatus deployed by modern states to draining marshlands and exerting control over their inhabitants. The same principle nowadays underpins processes of wetland conservation that segregate these environments within the boundaries of protected areas. Wetlands, however, are undisciplined domains that resist such a territorial totalitarianism, hinting at notions of socioecological hybridity and unruliness. This talk sketches the ‘wetland humanities’ as a critical and transdisciplinary approach that may help us to understand the complexity of wetlands, and to rethink our socioecological relationships beyond the principle of authority.”

Following the discussion, cultural historian Dr. des. L. Sasha Gora will introduce herself and the new junior research group “Off the Menu” to the participants.